SUNDAY 11:00 am - Shifting into Your Greatest Potential-Pastor Brenda E. Scott


The Word for 2019

Restoration Ministries

The Word of God came that this is the year of "SPROUTING" it indicates several things which are related to growth in your Life.  2019 is your year of increase to every area of your life and will ultimately change your life for the better.  You will be launched into achieving your "Greatest Potential" this year.  


There are 3 steps to achieving your "GREATEST POTENTIAL"

  • BE Prepared to Change by applying the mind of Christ seeking wisdom and understanding.
  • Do the instructions given by God in obedience 
  • Receive the Blessings - "I RECEIVE"

Potential in each of us has the capacity to launch us into the next phase of our lives as God has planned for each of us. 


There are laid out in the Book "Building Your Roadmap into your Purpose"* which sums it up:

  1. Be Yourself in order to reach your potential 
  2. Keep growing - open your mind 
  3. Accept the pressure 
  4. Expect great things to happen
  5. Devotion to what you do well
  6. No shortcuts
  7. Be disciplined
  8. Choose those around you closely
  9. Draw inspiration from others 
  10. Despise not small beginnings  

*Pastor Jentezen Franklin

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